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So, we’ve been doing the calendar sort of under the radar since early in 2012, when we realized there wasn’t one place where you could find out EVERYTHING about Tybee… not just the big deal things or the big businesses. Every time we talk to somebody about it they think it’s a really cool idea (and we agree)

Now we’re taking it to the next level. We’re in the process of distributing rack cards to the Hotels, B&B’s and vacation rental properties, as well as various businesses on Tybee (want to help us promote the calendar? let us know and we’ll get you some) so that any time anybody says “what’s goin’ on tonight?” the answer will be “dunno? check out Tybee Calendar.”

We’re also offering the cheapest advertising opportunity that we’re aware of on Tybee (unless you’re standing out in front of your shop waving your arms like a lunatic…) Take a look below. We’re pretty sure you’ll find something that fit’s your advertising budget.



Directory Listing – Free

(zero, zip, nada, nuthin’… seriously)

If you’re a business on Tybee, we want to list you in our directory. This listing will include your business name, genre, address and  contact phone number. If you have events you would like to promote, we’ll also feature them on the calendar. There is NO COST for this service. We just want to make it easy for everyone to know what’s goin’ on  here on Tybee.

Your listing will look like the example below.




Basic Listing – INTRODUCTORY PRICE – $25/month*

(you probably have that in your pocket right now)

Want a little more exposure on Tybee? We want to help. This listing will include everything in the free listing, plus we’ll add your logo, a description of your business or service and a link to your website (or facebook, twitter… whatever), a 125 x 125 ad located in the sidebar of the site, and we’ll share your social media updates on our Tybee Calendar outlets as we’re aware of them.

Your  listing will look like the example below.




Featured Listing – INTRODUCTORY PRICE – $50/month*

(yeah… you’ll even have a commercial)

Want to really stand out? We can take care of that for you. This listing will include everything in the basic listing, plus we’ll upgrade your listing to featured status (which puts you in the top secction of the alphabetical directory listings) and create a web based video commercial.

Your  listing will look like the example below.




Premiere Listing – INTRODUCTORY PRICE – $100/month*

(we’re givin’ her warp 7… and a wee bit more!)

This is our big daddy!  This listing will include everything in the featured listing, plus we’ll add 2 more web based video commercials and feature them in the advertising area of the site.

Your  listing will look like the example below.



We’re also working on creating other advertising opportunities (spaces on the rack cards, banners at the top of the calendar) but the main goal of this site is to provide a current up to date calendar of events for Tybee Island. Got another idea, let us know.

Interested? Drop us a line at to set up a time to talk about it.

*ad rates are based on a 12 month contract


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